Welcome to Lazuli Wellbeing

We are a holistic therapies centre based in a beautiful renovated church hall in the Hepburn Springs Daylesford area. We bring together practitioners in massage, naturopathy, ancient art of sound medicine, the latest thinking in kitchen medicine and yoga for all beings. Let me introduce the people that make up Lazuli WellBeing:

Melina Strachan
My name is Melina, I grew up in Melbourne Australia, my family and I did our tree change a few years ago to central Victoria... a couple of acres in the bush between Daylesford and Kyneton. After a 3 month stint in 2014 in Ubud Bali we upped sticks and moved into Hepburn Springs where we have been renting the most fabulous space complete with yoga studio and clinic space.....Lazuli WellBeing was born.....

Lazuli comes from Lapis Lazuli the gemstone and it's association with the medicine Buddha. Our family has a growing connection with Buddhism my partner has been a practising Buddhist for many years and our children attend the Daylesford Dharma School

I am a certified Naturopath, Nutritionist, Massage Therapist, Student Yoga Teacher and Mother to 3 little go-getter kidlets (+ 2 gorgeous step kids). I'm a member of ANTA Australian Natural Therapists Association

In short I'm obsessed with food....feeding my family well and the concept of kitchen medicine - good health starts with what goes in your mouth.

It has been such a journey to learn how to cook real, whole, nourishing food - there is such a lot of information out there, I've been studying and researching for years and would love to share what I have learned and unlearned along the way, helping you to attain your health goals. Also I've recently begun my teacher training in yoga....I'm sure I wont be able to resist sharing some of the pearls I come across during this foray as well.

Shohn Murnane
Whilst being my partner which makes him an integral part of, well, everything, he is a musician and qualified holistic counsellor.

He has been a practising Buddhist for years and brings a science take that grounds the spiritual aspects of his undertakings as a counsellor and sound therapist.

Shohn sees clients privately in our clinic or in your home whilst also holding sound medicine sessions public and private (his personal love)

Guest practitioners

Frances Paderno - Yoga
Where do I start...Frances has been our personal yoga teacher for a number of years and there is nothing quite like her teaching style with her 20+ years of yoga study and her unique understanding of the science of yoga. It's been with great pleasure to have her teach at Lazuli, she offers Asana classes in Ashtanga, Hatha and Yoga Therapy as well as theory classes in Kitchen Medicine and Tantra studies.

Chitra Stern - Yoga
Chitra offers a beautiful flowing class sharing her years of experience and knowledge gained traveling regularly overseas to study and go on retreat. Chitra donates the proceeds to charity, currently it's being given to the Daylesford Dharma School.