Moon salutation/Chandra Namaskar Thursdays 9:30am

On Thursdays at 9.30am we have the pleasure of Yoga teacher Kellie Youl teaching her Vinyasa class, in which she explores Moon Salutation sequence, this is a beautiful practice open to all levels, follows is a little about the whys and wherefores of this sequence

If you have been doing yoga for any amount of time, then I’m sure you are familiar with the Surya Namaskar, but do you know about it’s planetary opposite the Chandra Namaskar? Similar to the sun salutations, these moon salutations are done in a juicy, back-bending, spine-stretching sequence that creates and completes a cycle. These postures tone the legs, thighs, hamstrings and arms. It’s also a mighty hip opener and strengthens your core and back.

By practicing this powerful (yet little known) practice we can tap into the cooling, soothing energy of the moon and bring it into our bodies, providing equilibrium in an intense, fast-paced world. These moon salutation yoga poses have many benefits such as providing mental clarity and strengthening the back. By channeling the lunar energy you also receive benefits to all the visceral organs.

To create equilibrium in our yoga practice and in our lives, it’s helpful to observe the power of opposites. Yin and Yang, ebb and flow, contraction and expansion, effort and surrender – it’s important that we recognize the qualities and benefits on each side of the spectrum so that we can find balance and unity between them.

Sun Salutations are said to be a yang practice, related to activity, heat and light, whilst Moon Salutations are associated with a yin practice – receptive, meditative and cooling. Although yin and yang represent seemingly opposite principles (dark and light, day and night, passivity and activity etc)  they are utterly interdependent. In the same way, although Sun and Moon salutation sequences embrace different qualities, they complement each other perfectly. The yogic term Hatha also reflects these individual yet interconnected qualities – Ha referring to the masculine, warming, active energy of the sun and tha – the feminine, cooling, receptive elements of the moon. Hatha yoga, therefore, seeks to unify these apparently opposing elements, creating harmony and balance.

Come join us to explore the yin to our yang