Lazuli Wellbeing- Owned and run by Melina Strachan and Shohn Murnane, our aim is to bring together passionate experienced and dedicated practitioners that are able to offer our clients the best options to enhance their health.
Lazuli is located in the stunning Daylesford Hepburn Springs region, where we have the pleasure of finding ourselves a home in "Borsa Hall" in, Corner of Church Ave and Ninth st Hepburn Springs. This has allowed us the opportunity to not only offer our clinic based services, Naturopathy, Therapeutic massage, Facials, Holistic Counselling and private Sound Medicine sessions as well as group sessions Yoga, Sound Medicine and Kitchen Medicine Classes.

Lazuli can also be hired out for individual events such as yoga retreats, seminars, workshops, group work and music events. We are happy to help organise and promote your event.